Free Islamic App for Muslims :

Free Islamic App is a very good and Muslim Loving App to know about Prayers Time, Qibla Direction, Azan, Quran and many more.

The most well known Muslim application:

Perceived by more than 40 million Muslims around the globe as the most exact petition time and azan application, Muslim Pro additionally includes the full Quran with Arabic contents, phonetics, interpretations and sound recitations and also a Qibla locator, an Islamic Hijri date-book, a guide of halal eateries and Mosques, and so forth.

Free Islamic App
Free Islamic App for Muslim

Principle Features:

  1. Accurate petition times in view of your present area with different settings accessible (points).
  2.  Azan: visual and sound warnings for the calls for supplication with numerous muezzin voices to look over.
  3. Fasting times (Imsak and Iftar) amid Ramadan.
  4. The Holy Quran (Al Qur’an) with sound recitations (mp3), phonetics and interpretations.
  5. Colored Tajweed to enable you to enhance your pronounciation when perusing the Quran.
  6. Community: Join the group and petition God for every others.
  7. “Tasbih” to check your dhikr.
  8. Halal eateries and mosques areas around you.
  9. Animated Qibla compass and guide to demonstrate to you the bearing to Mecca.
  10. Complete Muslim Hijri schedule to appraise sacred dates, for example, Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha.
  11. 99 names of Allah.
  12. Beautiful Islamic welcome cards (Eid Mubarak, Ramadan Kareem, etc…).
  13. Hisn’ul Muslim (Fortress of the Muslim): a gathering of doas and supplications).
  14. App and Quran completely meant: Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Nederlands, Portugues, Turke, Urdu.
Free Islamic App
Free Islamic App for Muslim

Essential NOTES:

On the off chance that you feel that the application is giving you wrong petition times, it is probably identified with your settings. Much of the time, empowering auto-settings is the most secure approach to get the most exact supplication times.


In-application buys/Billing: should you choose to move up to the Premium variant of Muslim Pro, this will enable you to utilize your current Google Play Store record to make a protected installment.

Area (GPS and system based): your area is required to figure exact petition times, the Qibla and to discover halal eateries and mosques adjacent.

Capacity/Photos/Media/Files: this consent is required to spare downloaded substance, for example, extra adhans, sound recitations and interpretations of the Quran.

Telephone/Device ID and Call Information: this consent is required to get a remarkable gadget ID to secure the utilization of our free acknowledges and welcome code and to secure your buy should you choose to move up to the Premium rendition of Muslim Pro. This gadget identifier.

So, Dont waste your time and Install this app for knowing all above. Keep Enjoying.










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